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Car Accident Claims: What You Need To Know

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be wondering what the process is for filing a claim. When it comes to complicated matters such as this, being prepared will help you appropriately navigate the legal waters.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about car accident claims, from how to file a police report, to finding a Calgary injury lawyer, to what to do if the other driver doesn’t have insurance.

Filing a Police Report

The first step in filing a car accident claim is to file a police report. This is important for two reasons. First, it will document the details of the accident, and second, it will give you a case number that you can use when filing your claim.

To file a police report, you’ll need to go to your local police station or call the non-emergency number for your police department. When you arrive at the station, be sure to have your driver’s license, registration, and insurance information with you. The officer who takes your report will likely ask you for this information, as well as for a description of the accident.

If possible, it’s also helpful to have any photos or videos of the accident scene, as well as the contact information for any witnesses. Once the police officer has all the necessary information, they will file the report and give you a copy.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Once you have a copy of the police report, you’ll need to file an insurance claim with your own insurance company. This is an important step (even if you weren’t at fault for the accident) as your insurance company can help cover things like medical bills and damage to your vehicle.

To start the claims process, contact your insurance agent or company’s claims department and let them know that you’ve been in an accident. They will likely ask you for a copy of the police report, as well as any other documentation that they deem necessary. Once they have everything they need, they will begin processing your claim.

If this process becomes too complicated or overwhelming, we recommend turning to your personal injury lawyer for assistance. After all, they are there to help and advise you through this process.

Dealing with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

If the other driver was at fault for the accident, their insurance company will likely be in contact with you to try and settle the claim. It’s important to remember that anything you say to them can be used against you later, so it’s best not to give them a recorded statement or sign any documents without first consulting with your Calgary injury lawyer.

Instead, politely tell them that you’re not comfortable discussing anything until you’ve had a chance to speak with an attorney. If they continue to press you for information or try to get you to sign something, refer them to your attorney for any other details. Your personal injury lawyer will better know how to deal with them or what to say given the situation.


Car accidents are never fun, but dealing with the aftermath doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these simple steps and getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer, you’ll be on your way to getting your life back on track in no time.

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