Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Edmonton?

We Have 25+ Years of Experience

We Have 25+ Years of Experience

There is no substitute for experience! After 25 years of fighting cases, we know what strategies work best and put them to work for you. Our experience as Alberta car accident lawyers is hard-won, and our efforts help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

You’ll Only Work With Our Senior Lawyer

You’ll Only Work With Our Senior Lawyer

With an experienced lawyer on your side, you get access to the experience you need to win or settle your case. When you work with Dunlap Injury Law, you work with Timothy Dunlap. Period.

We Cover All Disbursements

We Cover All Disbursements

Our accident files are done on a contingency basis, which means if we don’t win, you pay no disbursements. Litigation is expensive, and our firm covers the cost of medical reports and other costs until we settle your claim.

We Get

We Get Results!

We don’t just hope for the best, we get the BEST! When you work with Timothy Dunlap, you are getting tireless support for your legal needs.

Have You Been in an Accident?

Timothy Dunlap Fights For You as a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As the top motorcycle accident lawyer in Edmonton and an avid motorcyclist, Timothy Dunlap is all too familiar with both the joys and dangers of the hobby. He is a proud member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) and has been very successful throughout his long legal career in Alberta. These dual passions make him the ideal choice to defend you in your time of need, and his tireless efforts will get you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. He’ll also ensure you get the best treatment possible and cover the costs of treatment until the settlement of your case.

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Get Back on the Road Where You Belong

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

It is easy to see the potential for injuries during each ride. From unsafe riding conditions, like rainstorms and highway gravel, to the dangers other motorists present, like distracted driving and unsafe lane changes, many things can be the source of motorcycle accidents. It is critical that motorcyclists maintain a keen eye on their surroundings at all times to avoid incidents, but even then, a split second is often all it takes to change someone’s life forever. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Edmonton if you are injured on the open road.

motorcycle accident lawyer calgary
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Common Injuries

Operating a motor vehicle is an inherently dangerous activity. However, unlike on a four-wheeled vehicle, injuries like road rash and facial disfigurement are more likely on a motorcycle. Although the likelihood of injuries is higher because of the vehicle’s design, many factors will affect the severity of the injury. These include the speed, weight and number of vehicles involved, among other things. For the best treatment of your injuries and the opportunity to receive maximum compensation for them, contact Dunlap Injury Law today.

What to Expect From a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Edmonton

Whether your injury is from a pedestrian accident, car accident or motorcycle accident, you can always expect the tireless efforts of Timothy Dunlap to help ensure you receive maximum compensation. This means obtaining the best treatment available, including the possibility of weekly payment for those who are completely disabled. We will also help you gather evidence and documents to support your claim and draft the demand letter. We work on a contingency basis, meaning that you will not pay until we successfully complete your claim.

motorcycle accident lawyer calgary
motorcycle accident lawyer calgary

First Steps Following an Accident

The most important thing you can do following an accident is ensuring your safety and the safety of those around you. After you receive treatment for your injuries, contact Dunlap Injury Law. The sooner you speak with us, the more we can assist you in getting treatment referrals and maximum compensation. It is also beneficial to gather any relevant documentation, including accident reports, insurance information and medical records.

Step 1Contact Our Office
The first step to your personal injury claim begins with contacting our office and setting up an initial meeting with no upfront costs.
Step 2Gather Evidence
After we have determined the scope of your claim, gathering evidence is the next step. We use this to draft a letter of demand.
Step 3Submit Demand Letter
Once we have gathered sufficient evidence, we will draft and submit a demand letter. If it is accepted, you will receive compensation and, if not, we may proceed to litigation.

We’re Here For You
Every Step of the Way

As a proud member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG), Timothy Dunlap intimately understands the dangers involved with riding. With 25 years in Alberta’s legal system, he is also more than capable of representing you with compassion and an unyielding devotion to getting the best results.

Every motorcycle accident is different, and so are the injuries and individuals involved. Compensation can also incorporate more than injuries, including time spent off work, travelling to medical appointments and more. Contact our office for more information.

Litigation is not usually a part of motorcycle accident claims. However, if the settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, Dunlap Injury Law will fight for your rightful compensation.

NO! Accepting any compensation may permanently close your claim, so it is best to contact our office before accepting any offers. We will assess the offer to ensure it is in your best interest.

For any accident involving motor vehicles, contact Dunlap Injury Law. We fight tirelessly in your defence and always aim for the maximum compensation possible.