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Please be advised that we will be moving to a new Calgary location as of August 21, 2023. You can find us at Suite 405, 1414 – 8th Street SW Calgary, AB  T2R 1J6
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We Have 25+ Years of Experience

There is no substitute for experience! After 25 years of fighting cases, we know what strategies work and put them to work for you. Our experience as Calgary car accident lawyers is hard-won, and our efforts help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

car accident lawyer calgary
You’ll Only Work With Our Senior Lawyer

With an experienced Calgary injury lawyer on your side, you get access to the experience you need to win or settle your case. When you work with Dunlap Injury Law, you work with Timothy Dunlap. Period.

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We Cover All Disbursements

Our accident files are done on a contingency basis, which means if we don’t win, you pay no disbursements. Litigation is expensive, and our Calgary car accident lawyer firm covers the cost of medical reports and other costs until we settle your claim.

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We Get Results!

We don’t just hope for results, we get them! When you work with Calgary car accident lawyer Timothy Dunlap, you are getting tireless support for your legal needs.

Calgary’s Car Accident Lawyer

You Need Timothy Dunlap On Your Side

One of the promises that we can make is that if you hire our office to handle your personal injury claim, you will be working with Timothy Dunlap. Unlike many of the big firms where most clients end up working primarily with junior lawyers, you will have his experience and counsel on your side. It is him and only him that finalizes your settlement or takes your case to trial. He is always accessible to answer your questions and give advice about your claim along the way. Call the car accident lawyer in Calgary that works for you.

Virtual Consultations For New Clients


Serious Injury

Our firm deals mainly with serious injury cases. Most of these are car or motorcycle accidents. But, many of our files also include pedestrian accidents, generally when a pedestrian is struck in a crosswalk. Our accident injury cases are always dealt with on a contingency fee basis, which essentially means that we don’t get paid until we settle your claim. The other significant thing that we do for our clients—to help them with litigation costs—is pay upfront for all expert reports and other medical information required to process their claim. Often these reports amount to several thousand dollars, and we understand fully that most people can’t come up with that money. Our payment policy is in place so that our clients don’t have this financial worry to deal with while they wait for the settlement of their claim.

Treatment Provider Referrals

Another service we provide for our clients is referring them to treatment providers in Calgary and other areas of Alberta to help them recover as quickly as possible from their injuries. These treatment providers include massage therapists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, and counsellors for psychological injuries as well as anxiety that often follows serious motor vehicle accidents.


Our full service also ensures our clients get the treatments and compensation they can while they await settlement or trial. Virtually every person injured in an accident is entitled to treatments under section B of their, or the other party’s, insurance policy. Another thing that not many people know is that if they are totally disabled because of an accident, they are entitled to receive weekly compensation for up to two years following the accident. This is obviously a big help for clients struggling to pay ongoing bills. Dunlap Injury Law strategizes with you to ensure eligibility for that compensation.

car accident lawyer calgary
car accident lawyer calgary

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We’ll Fight For You

As Calgary car accident lawyers, our main goal is to ensure an outcome for your case. We help you by answering legal questions related to your case, drafting contracts and letters of demand and other services that you need to have a successful injury claim. When you work with Dunlap Injury Law, you work directly with Timothy Dunlap. He has been successful in previous cases and wishes to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today to get started on your car accident personal injury claim. From Calgary to Grande Prairie, we can help. 

We Serve All of Alberta

The one good fact that has come out of this COVID-19 experience is that many legal procedures have been simplified, and much of what was done in-person before is now done by video link. This is very important to our clients, especially those in the more remote jurisdictions. Things like client meetings and the Discovery process, now called Questioning, are routinely done by video link. Now, clients never have the discomfort of leaving their own homes but can still move forward with their personal injury claim. No longer do clients in remote communities have to travel to the big centres to get things done. Our office uses this technology routinely and effectively to help our clients.

We Get Results

We know the law! That’s why people with accident-related injuries in this province call us first! At Dunlap Injury Law, we are very aggressive and relentless in our efforts to win your case. We don’t allow insurance companies to push us around. Insurance companies are absolutely committed to paying you the least amount they possibly can for your injury claim, rather than paying you the compensation you deserve. We won’t let that happen. Period!

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