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There is no substitute for experience! After 25 years of fighting cases, we know what strategies work and put them to work for you. Our experience as Calgary car accident lawyers is hard-won, and our efforts help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

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With an experienced Calgary injury lawyer on your side, you get access to the experience you need to win or settle your case. When you work with Dunlap Injury Law, you work with Timothy Dunlap. Period.

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Our accident files are done on a contingency basis, which means if we don’t win, you pay no disbursements. Litigation is expensive, and our Calgary car accident lawyer firm covers the cost of medical reports and other costs until we settle your claim.

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We don’t just hope for results, we get them! When you work with Calgary car accident lawyer Timothy Dunlap, you are getting tireless support for your legal needs.

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Timothy Dunlap Is Calgary’s Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As a member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG), Timothy Dunlap knows the joy of motorcycle riding. As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Calgary, he also understands how dangerous riding can be. The results? A passion for the hobby, matched only by a passion for seeking justice for others. His experience working on some of the toughest cases in Alberta makes him an ideal choice. While results are not guaranteed, Timothy Dunlap guarantees devotion, hard work and dedication towards getting you the compensation you deserve.

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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

While all driving is inherently dangerous, motorcyclists assume even more risk when they ride. From environmental hazards, like loose gravel and slippery surfaces, to the hazards other drivers create, such as unsafe maneuvers or inattention to their surroundings, many dangers exist on the open road. Even when wearing all necessary protection, like leather chaps and jackets or certified helmets, it is still possible to receive life-threatening injuries following an accident. If you are involved in a motorcycle collision, ensure you contact a Calgary motorcycle accident lawyer.

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Common Injuries

The dangers of the open road cannot be overstated. When involved in a motorcycle accident, injuries can range from road rash and scarring to facial disfigurement and spinal cord injuries. The sheer scope of possible injuries, however, is difficult to encapsulate as many factors (i.e. speed, weight, personal protective equipment) will influence which injuries are sustained. In some cases, these damages can leave people paralyzed and reliant on support from their loved ones and the healthcare system. Ensuring adequate compensation for the victims of motorcycle collisions is imperative for Timothy Dunlap.

Receiving Compensation With the Help of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In the aftermath of a motorcycle-related incident, your primary focus should be on ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you. If possible, collect contact information from those involved and take pictures of the scene. As soon as possible after the accident, contact our Calgary injury lawyer and set up a meeting. We will advise you on the next steps during the meeting, including the information needed to submit a successful claim. After assessing the full extent of your injuries and gathering the necessary evidence, our motorcycle accident lawyer will draft a letter of intent. Settlement negotiations may be required before your claim is accepted. If there is conflict or disagreement about the request, we will defend you during the litigation process.

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What to Do Following an Accident

Every accident will be different, not only for the people involved but also the circumstances and location. So, while it is important to gather contact information, take pictures of the accident, call the police, identify any witnesses, and of course, contact your lawyer, injuries might not allow for these activities. If you are unsure if you sustained injuries, keep your helmet and riding gear on until paramedics and first responders arrive, as they can help assess you. As a final note, don’t admit fault to the other driver(s), witnesses or police.

Step 1Contact Our Office
The first step to your personal injury claim begins with contacting our office and setting up an initial meeting with no upfront costs.
Step 2Gather Evidence
After we have determined the scope of your claim, gathering evidence is the next step. We use this to draft a letter of demand.
Step 3Submit Demand Letter
Once we have gathered sufficient evidence, we will draft and submit a demand letter. If it is accepted, you will receive compensation and, if not, we may proceed to litigation.

We’re Here For You
Every Step of the Way

As a proud member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG), Timothy Dunlap intimately understands the dangers involved with riding. His experience riding, coupled with his experience in some of the toughest cases in Alberta, makes Dunlap Injury Law the right choice for your claim.

The compensation you may receive from your motorcycle accident depends on many factors, including property damage and time off work. It is important to provide as much information as possible to your attorney, as this can affect the amount of compensation.

Generally, motorcycle accident claims are settled outside of court through settlement negotiations. In the event litigation cannot be avoided, however, Dunlap Injury Law will fight to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Accepting any offer for compensation may permanently close your claim. We advise you to contact us before taking any offers, so we can assess your claim and ensure you receive its full potential.

For motor vehicle accidents involving injuries and negligence, contact the Calgary car accident lawyer Timothy Dunlap and his team at Dunlap Injury Law.