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We Have 25+ Years of Experience

There is no substitute for experience! After 25 years of fighting cases, we know what strategies work and put them to work for you. Our experience as Calgary car accident lawyers is hard-won, and our efforts help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

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You’ll Only Work With Our Senior Lawyer

With an experienced Calgary injury lawyer on your side, you get access to the experience you need to win or settle your case. When you work with Dunlap Injury Law, you work with Timothy Dunlap. Period.

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We Cover All Disbursements

Our accident files are done on a contingency basis, which means if we don’t win, you pay no disbursements. Litigation is expensive, and our Calgary car accident lawyer firm covers the cost of medical reports and other costs until we settle your claim.

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We Get Results!

We don’t just hope for results, we get them! When you work with Calgary car accident lawyer Timothy Dunlap, you are getting tireless support for your legal needs.

Have You Been Injured?

Timothy Dunlap is Calgary’s
Injury Lawyer

Whether you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle collision or were just involved in a traffic accident as a pedestrian, the right solutions are at Dunlap Injury Law. As Calgary’s injury lawyer of choice, Timothy Dunlap has the skills and experience you need to earn your compensation. If you are injured and looking for legal advice or a path forward, we can help. If you already have the evidence and documentation ready to draft a letter of intent, we can help. If you think the situation is hopeless, contact us first. Our team will work diligently to provide excellent service and offer compassionate advice that suits you and your family’s needs.

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Brain injuries can be the cause of lifelong changes and significant challenges. Even minor concussions can be a source of chronic headaches, whereas traumatic brain injuries (TBI)  involving surgery might lead to months of rehabilitation and relearning core skills. Our heads are an integral and fragile part of our bodies, so don’t delay in contacting our personal injury lawyer in Calgary if you’ve experienced a head injury. We help get you the compensation you deserve.

injury lawyer edmonton
calgary injury lawyer

Spinal Cord Injuries

From whiplash to paralysis, spinal cord injuries can affect people in different ways. Whether you’re confined to bed rest or learning how to walk again, you deserve compensation for your injury. The tireless efforts of our Calgary injury lawyer can give you access to the support, knowledge and experience you need to receive financial compensation to cover your medical bills, transportation and more. For anyone suffering from spinal cord injuries related to an automobile-related incident, contact Dunlap Injury Law today.

Broken Bones

Broken bones can take a long time to heal properly. When they are not set correctly, additional surgeries and treatment might be necessary to ensure proper healing. Breaks that affect mobility or the limbs may impede a person’s ability to perform their job or participate in their lifestyle. When these injuries occur due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to utilize the power of Calgary injury law to get the compensation you deserve.

injury lawyer edmonton
injury lawyer edmonton

Other Common Injuries

The aftermath of a car accident can involve many surprises and changes, including many common injuries like burns, scrapes, joint pain and more. While these issues might be a common part of a collision, receiving proper compensation from them is rarer. Timothy Dunlap has experience working on some of Alberta’s toughest cases and is the pedestrian accident lawyer of choice for Calgarians. When you work with Dunlap Injury Law, the chances that you will receive your rightful claim increase substantially.

Call an Injury Lawyer in Calgary Following Your Accident

Immediately following your accident, the first step is ensuring your safety and well-being. Once the dust settles, however, your next call should be to our Calgary injury lawyer’s office. We will provide you with our advice and answer any questions you may have. Next, we work with you to gather evidence and corroborate the particulars of your claim, including medical records, insurance documents or expert testimony, based on the needs of your case. The final step involves drafting and submitting the demand letter. After initial receipt, there may be several rounds of settlement negotiations before both parties agree to the terms. If negotiations are not successful, our Calgary motorcycle accident lawyer will proceed to litigation and defend your claim.

Step 1Contact Our Office
The first step to your personal injury claim begins with contacting our office and setting up an initial meeting with no upfront costs.
Step 2Gather Evidence
After we have determined the scope of your claim, gathering evidence is the next step. We use this to draft a letter of demand.
Step 3Submit Demand Letter
Once we have gathered sufficient evidence, we will draft and submit a demand letter. If it is accepted, you will receive compensation and, if not, we may proceed to litigation.

We’re Here For You
Every Step of the Way

If you have suffered emotional, mental or physical injuries resulting from a wrongful or negligent act, you have the right to initiate legal proceedings to cover the cost of damages.

The cost to you will be minimal, as a successful claim will compensate you for financial losses related to time away from work, recovery, travel and much more. Our goal is achieve maximum compensation for all our clients.

The nature and severity of your injuries will affect the timeline for compensation. Dunlap Injury Law advises against closing your claim until the full extent of your injuries, including recovery, is understood and properly documented.

Many factors determine what any personal injury claim is worth, including the injuries sustained and how they affect your life, not only in the immediate aftermath of the incident but also over time.

Generally, personal injury claims do not require a trial, as they can be solved through settlement negotiations. However, if litigation is necessary, Timothy Dunlap will stay by your side and fight for your compensation.

Personal injuries can be incurred in many different ways. At Dunlap Injury Law, we also represent clients who have sustained serious injury due to slip and fall accidents, sexual abuse, and more. Contact us today to learn more.